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I love retardedly adorable little kittens and I bet you do too.
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I have the week off work, so I have been spending it catching up on my life. It's gotten away from me a bit in the last two years. I'm currently covered in dust and dead spiders from finally vacuuming this rathole, and as soon as I find a drafting table and assemble a pile of wood from ikea I'll have a nice little studio room in my apartment.

But that's the tangible stuff. I also got my website spruced up. I hadn't touched it since 2005 and it was driving me insane. But no longer! There's a new front page, the art section and bio are finally current, and I added a shop section, where you can buy tshirts (more coming soon) and art prints. Yaaaaaaaay. I feel much better.

So here it is!

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My TCAF pictures are fiiiinally up. I feel like I was barely there so I'm not sure how representative of the festival these are, but I really enjoyed myself. Sorry to everyone who came by to see me and found an empty chair. I really enjoyed the notes and drawings, and wish I'd spent a liiiiittle more time indoors... but it was so nice outside and I missed my friends. Staying at Fenwick's was the best! And hanging out with new and old comics people was equally fabulous.

Toronto was gorgeous all weekend and I saw lots of people I hadn't seen since college, doing well and looking very slim and pleasant. The festival itself was in a beautiful building, and very well-attended from what I could tell. It's the best one I've been to in a long time. So thanks, Chris! Thanks, Beguiling! Thanks, Canada! (Except for that part where you wouldn't let me leave you and I had to stay an extra night in an airport hotel. What was up with that, Canada.)
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The second page of my Dicebox comic is posted today! It's the last one. That font is still really big.

This weekend I will be showing my face at the Toronto Comic Art Festival, at Victoria College. I will ostensibly be at the Flight table, though really I am so childishly stoked about being in Toronto again that I'm more likely to be found wandering the streets with roti smeared all over my face. I'm not bringing anything to sell due to Customs and Not Wanting To Sit At A Table All Day, but I will be shaking hands and being nice to people, free o' charge.

Hope to see you there!
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Ack! I completely forgot to mention that yesterday, the first part of my two-page fill-in for Jenn Manley Lee's Dicebox went up. You can view it here, and the second page will go up next Wednesday. Then Anne is going to fill in for two weeks and it's going to be ridiculous. That's just a guess I am making.
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We were talking about Winnie the Pooh at work and it reminded me of how good the Russian one I watched as a kid was. And, it turns out, still is. This is the only one I could find with subtitles, but the one where he goes for the honey comes across pretty good even without the awesome dialogue. I love you more than a million Tigger snowglobes, Russian Winnie the Pooh.
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Check it out! This week Flight 4 comes out in bookstores. I have a story in it about some little dudes fighting in a circus, but there's a lot of stuff to read in there besides that. So go check your local graphic novel bookstore section, which is apparently where it will be. Comic stores are taking a little longer.

I like Flights.
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Everyone is going away for a week of vacation next week. Not this guy, though. Next week it's just going to be me... and this:

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Yeah, that sounds about right.
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I am so tired at work today. I am slumped over in my high chair, drawing wobbly drawings and thinking about a nap at lunch instead of an elliptical trainer. I am almost, but not quite, too sleepy to laugh at Clark and Michael. Still laughing at it, though. If you're sad about no more Arrested Development it'll probably make you laugh too.
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I have a week off in a month. More specifically, I have June 30th-July 8th off, and I need to do something fun or I will lose my mind. The problem is, I also need to at least pretend to save money because I've spent far too much of it lately and I should be saving up for utter tragedy (and cintiqs). Hawaii would be nice but I'm trying to be reasonable.

So does anyone have any suggestions for fun, reasonably-priced places to go for 9 or 10 days? Maybe Alaska or something? My other requirement is that these places not be oppressively hot. So New York is right out. Sorry, New York. I still love you, New York.


Apr. 26th, 2007 09:19 am
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Dudes! Dudes. You can totally buy my prints from Nucleus now. They are fabulous. Check it out.

I need to make a new section on my site to put things for sale into, such as these prints and tshirts and things like that. That is my next project.


Apr. 24th, 2007 08:52 am
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APE was really good, you guys. Those things on my list were all completed in some fashion. I got to see wonderful distant friends such as Steve and Hope and Mal (even though Steve never gave me my presents). We ate some great stuff, such as crepes and ice cream and delicious, delicious pizza. There are several foods that I did not cover that I will be returning for.
Jen and I got to spread our stuff at the vast and luxurious Hickee table! There was so much space at the table that I didn't even want to abandon it for hours like I usually do. I'm almost out of tshirts and a few leftover prints went home with Ben to Nucleus. Both will be available online sometime soon, hopefully via something resembling a "shop" page on my website. My website sucks right now.

The art show was fun too, though crowded to an insane degree. You can see in my flickr set how horrible it was. I guess the volume of visitors helped lots of paintings get sold, though. Man, there was some cool art. The catcher guy cupping his nuts was my favorite.

So thanks for stopping by and saying hello, if that is what you did! It was a fabulous weekend.


Apr. 16th, 2007 06:51 pm
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Events! Coming up this weekend is APE, which I'll be down in San Francisco for. I am super-psyched for many reasons but these reasons in particular:

- Hope and Mal
- Zachary's Pizza
- possible haircut
- San Francisco is so great

I will not have any new comics (shock!) but for once I WILL have some sort of loot. You'll be able to buy this image on a tshirt (girl sizes only), as well as very nice prints of two paintings I did recently, furnished by the very lovely Nucleus. I will be either at the Hickee table or the Nucleus/Flight table, depending on who has enough room for me and my three items. I am very fat.

ALSO. Those two paintings will be on display and sale at an art show/grand opening at Gallery1988 on Saturday, in conjunction with the festival. Here is the postcard shamelessly hotlinked from Jen's journal:

This will be a very good show, I can tell already. So please come say hello! And buy my very reasonably-priced original framed artwork.
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This is the best cartoon ever posted on youtube. No, really. I am so impressed with you, Russia. Part 2 here.
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This last weekend was really good, due to me going down to LA with Jen and Clio for Amy and Kazu's wedding. Scott McCloud officiated, friends came from all over the country, and everyone cleaned up nice in order to celebrate neeeeerd loooove. Those two are cuteness personified and I'm really grateful that I got to be there. Congratulations again, you guys. :)
I'm not going to laboriously write it up cause I remember it perfectly - it was simple, sincere, and the funnest wedding I've ever been to. Except for the part where I got slide tackled and thrown into the pool wearing my party dress. That part was lame.

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Other than this everything is basically the same.
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Another sweet Russian cartoon that totally changed my life.

I also made one of those dancing things today. The booty-dance segment works particularly well.
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Hi diary.

I just got back from a really good time in New York City. I stayed with Meredith and Carly, who are solid gold and don't let anyone tell you different. It was my first trip back east since I moved away last fall, and I didn't feel nearly as alien as I was expecting to. I still remember how to get around on the Subway, where my favorite bubble tea place is, and how to walk really fast without making any eye contact or touching anybody. I guess the only difference was I was paying much more attention to my surroundings, and how beautiful they were.

I went to lots of museums, ate out in tasty places, attended a really weird New Year's party, and made extra special sure to hang out with all my favorite New Yorkers, as well as a few people from the West Coast who were in town. Raina, Dave, Alison, Andy, Jeremy, Jon, Amy... and lots of new folks... so great to see them all. My internal checklist is completed and I remember how much I loved living there, even though I was half a mile from the subway and had a shitty, shitty job. It's special and huge and I feel really right being there. Maybe someday I'll go back... but Portland's pretty good for right now. Everything is good the way it is right now. In the life of Vera.

Now it's time for photos!

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As of today I have failed to be fired for an entire year! No one is more surprised than me.

p.s. It's Bill's birthday! Happy birthday Bill.
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